A large variety of casino players are making casino craps the most popular dice game in the world. Casino Craps is largely luck and skill and also a casino game that can be mastered.

The Objective of Online Craps:
Online Casino Craps’ objective is to bet whether or not you will roll a winning a combination. The Win Line Bet is where the player will win by getting either a 7 or 11 on their first roll. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, aka Craps you would lose. The point is any other number that is rolled. You are basically betting that this number, (point) will be rolled again before a 7 is rolled. When the 7 is rolled before the point number, it is known as evened out and the player loses, but if you were to roll the point number again before the 7 then you would win, aka passing.

The Don’t Win Line is just the opposite, so you win when 3, or 12 is rolled and loose when 7, 0r 11 is rolled. The number 2 is neither a win or a loss as it is referred to as a standoff.

Playing Craps Online:

Luckily online casino craps can be played for free, making it realistic for you to practice and master casino craps before you start betting real money. To play casino craps online for free all you have to do is visit the quality online casinos (which you can find on our site), and sign up for an account. Another advantage of playing for free at the online casinos is being able to choose your favorite casino before you start wagering real money.

Where to Play Craps Online:

Here are a few recommended casinos to choose from:
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