Ronin Slots is a 20 Pay Line slots game. The payback percentage in this new game is 95.2% to 97.6%.

Ronin Slots theme is a Japanese legend of the masterless samurai that roamed the Japan countrysides for over six centuries. In Ronin Slots, these masterless samurais are back with their hidden treasures. Every Ronin Symbol you find while playing this new slots game rewards handsomely, as there is a scatter symbol and wild symbol: Keys to free spins and bonus games.

Ronin Slots also features a random jackpot. All real money players are eligible to win this random jackpot. The reseed amount is $1000, and 1% of every wagered spin goes towards building the jackpot.

The Koku and the Ronin Symbols are the substitute/wild symbols. The Ronin symbol substitutes for any symbol but the Koku symbol, and the koku symbol substitutes for any symbol but the Scattered Ronin Symbol. When you complete a winning combination with the Koku symbol the prize is doubled. The Ronin symbol is also a scatter symbol.

Ronin Slots – Bonus GAMES
Ronin Symbols- Click Play Ronin Slots at Cool Cat Casino
In total there are three different bonus games available in Ronin Slots. All of these bonus games have multiple free spins. To get to these bonus games you need to get Koku on reel 3, with two or more scattered ronin symbols. In no particular order the different bonus games are described below, (numbered only for the purpose of this description.)

#1 – In the first Bonus Game you get 3 to 100 Free Spins. The Koku symbols are frozen on the 3rd Reel and then the other reels are spun. When you get this free game the number of free spins you get is random, and you can continue to win more free games.

#2 – Wins are multiplied in this bonus game where you get 5 FREE SPINS. The first free spin’s prize is multiplied by one, then the second free spin’s prize is multiplied by 2, and this continues until you run out of free spins. When you retrigger the bonus game you get 5 more gree games (unfortunately this only can happen once), but the multiplication still continues.

#3 – All wins are tripled in the last Bonus Game of 25 FREE SPINS. On any retrigger you get another 25 free spins.

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